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As you think about inspiring leaders, who comes to mind?  Is it a famous person, someone you love, an author, your boss?  Who inspires you to become what you feel you might be?  Who gives you a lift when you most need it or a much needed wake up call? 

I’m currently facilitating workshops for a wonderful leadership team and the subject of leaders they admire came up.  The workshop landed on the same day that my eighty two year old father was having an operation that was risky.  At an appropriate moment I shared my Dad’s comment to me the day before. He said that his “mindset was that he had no idea when his last day would come but that he wanted to live every day before it.”  I felt inspired and grateful.

You may be fortunate as I am, to have parents that inspire you.  There are no limits to the number of people who can inspire you as you deal with challenges or as you float along living your life.  There are many sources of inspiration available to each of us.  How often are you seeking out people who inspire or lift you up?  Are you paying attention to the people who can inspire you? 

According to BBM Canada, the average Canadian adult watches a whopping 30 hours of television a week.  In addition to this, Laurent Maisonnave, CEO and founder of the web company SeeVibe which tracks social interactions with TV content, said that chatter is growing dramatically. “What we’ve seen is it’s booming, in the past two years I think it’s an increase of 500 per cent in the number of interactions around TV shows,” said Maisonnave. 

Is all of this attention to screens and TV shows inspiring or is it entertaining?  Entertaining is great and most of us seek out entertainment.  It’s just important to realize that we also need to be inspired to stretch, grow and learn.

We hear that many people are dealing with depression, anxiety or just feel they need a break or a chance to zone out.  We all need that from time to time.  Do we need 30 hours a week of zoning out or would a source of inspiration feed us more of what we truly need?

Dr. John Maxwell, a well known writer and speaker on the subject of leadership says that, “Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.”  Who or what influences you?

As I work with leaders in a wide variety of organizations, it has become obvious to me that people who succeed do not do it alone.  Most accomplished and influential leaders are the first to admit that they couldn’t rise to the level they have achieved without a coach, a team or some form of inspiration.  I can’t remember one person who told me they learned everything they needed to know from TV shows.  Instead they speak of pivotal moments, key conversations and important feelings of making a difference.  When you think of pivotal experiences, important conversations or feelings of inspiration, which comes to mind?  Who inspires you?

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