Case Studies

Case Study 4

People and Politics

A well known public entity insurance company had hired us to do some Public Speaking seminars with their marketing team. Afterward the new CEO told us how happy he was with the results.

Over time we worked together on a number of occasions. Let me give you an example of a situation that might have gone either way. Jack, the CEO shared with me that he had an underwriting team that had communication challenges, difficulties with personality clashes, politics, hurt feelings and were not as productive as a result. He told me that he wanted our “best person” to facilitate the workshops on Leadership Excellence.

We came in for half a day every two weeks for two months. In that time the rapport in the group improved as people shared “one time in my life when I have gone through a big change”. A manager in the group apologized to one of her team members for delivering a correct message in a tactless way. As the facilitator I made sure that each time we did an interactive exercise I mixed up the teams to work on that exercise and present as a team.

You can see the outline of the Leadership Excellence course on the site so I will not get into details here. However one of the key concepts is that there is only one person you can change, yourself. We discussed the concept of responsibility for our choices, for making changes or removing ourselves from situations that are not productive or healthy.

It was heartwarming to watch newer employees and long term employees helping each other, having courageous conversations, taking responsibility and truly making a contribution.

Many reported to us that they felt they understood themselves and their team better after the workshops. They felt empowered and had come to understand and like their team members better. All of them learned from each other and gained more insight into how they could be more effective, more productive and work in a more harmonious and less stressful environment.

The CEO of the company at the time felt that we had done something amazing! Actually we watched the people in the room come together to create a lot of synergy! They were the magic and we were the catalysts. Shortly after the Leadership Excellence workshops I had lunch with Jack. In the course of conversation he told me that he considered us his “trusted advisors.” I felt honored and grateful.

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