Case Studies

Case Study 2

Quitting a Boss and a job!

Many sources seem to agree that people leave a career because they don’t like the boss. In the case of Susan, she left the boss and the career.

Susan was a Tax Manager in one of the "Big Four" professional services firms. She had put in evenings, weekends and holidays at work for almost 20 years and was realizing that all her hard work and sacrifice was yielding more of the same.

Susan was a very capable manager who just didn’t see a future in her company. Her boss was younger than Susan and ambitious. He had no problem putting demands on her time or expecting her to fill in for other staff but also made it clear that she would not be a good fit for any other role in the company.

Susan was a very bright, well-educated middle-aged lady. Her two sons lived at home and were going on to University. Her husband had very capably taken care of their sons, their home and was understanding about Susan’s career.

As Susan had not worked for any other company and was not familiar with networking effectively or job search, we spent a lot of time discussing those areas. Susan and I had met at a networking group and she had a hard time introducing herself in front of the group. She was shy and it showed. Although her company was not willing to invest in having her coached, Susan decided to invest in herself.

She slowly gained more confidence networking, started meeting people’s eyes and was going to interviews. Five months into our coaching Susan thanked me and announced that she had landed a fabulous job. She was going to be the controller of a large Seniors Housing company with branches in the investment industry. She had more reasonable hours, benefits, worked close to home and there was a great future looming! We were both excited!

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