Case Studies

Case Study 1

Partnerships are Leaky Ships

A number of years ago I was asked to coach one of the partners in a real estate brokerage. The client had contacted a Learning & Development organization saying that she needed sales training and I was contracted to do Sales coaching and development with Gail.

At the end of our first session I had learned that Gail was a professor at a local college in sales training and in fact knew a LOT about sales. I asked Gail what was really going on. What came to be the focus of our conversations was a complicated situation.

Let me simplify it. Gail’s partner was a big strapping man who had impressive experience in the real estate business but had no problem breaking the law to close a deal or to find deals in the first place. Gail had tried numerous times to discuss this with him, but her partner would brow beat her into backing off.

As we continued our conversations Gail started to develop more confidence and a strategy for dealing with her partner. She was able to start legal proceedings to ensure that he was held responsible and her reputation was not tarnished. Her partner lost his license and paid a price for his crimes. Gail now runs a very successful brokerage of her own in an upscale urban area.

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